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Thursday, June 01, 2006

logic and emotion

I was thinking the other day about computers not having emotions and how illogical people think emotions are. Logic to me seems like a linear quantitative chain of though and/or, of execution. It is a rational process with its own set of rules. This is what strikes me about emotions.
They must have a set of rules and a process even if to many, it is non-rational.

Computers think in a simple form of logic in order to come to a conclusion with 0's and 1's, yes or no. Now, imagine for one instant, if you could have a web-like chain of though and/or of execution. Emotions give us the impression of scattered illogical process when they are just another way of analyzing and of reacting.

What if we had variations from 0 to 1 linked together in a web-like structure for process. Could computers have emotion? I thought about this in a dream I had about triangles. You have a starting point. Then you have one extreme 0 and the other 1 with all the variations in between. This was for me a triangle image.

So, I conclude with this, emotions are a non-linear quantifiable web of though and/or of execution.


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