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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morality is it a job for are governments?

Looking around this complicated world, I notice simple family structures in governments around the world.

Morality was controlled by religion in the past (still is to a certain degree today) and was on the same level of influence in politics an other aspects of are daily lives as governments was. Now that religion is less influent on the political stand it seems society is lacking moral fibers. Is it the roll of the government to pick up the slack and give use moral direction....? Or are we mature enough as humans to be left on are own with the right to select what see as being moral or not. Do we need the high intellects to tell us was is right from wrong?

I think humans are in the teen age years of evolution. We have accessed many new freedoms and abilities from childhood but we don't seem to be taking very well to the added responsibilities we have with are new found freedom. Going from a teenager to a young adult needs a lot of supervision, as it is the most crucial transition phase to adulthood.


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