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Friday, June 02, 2006

The germ

This is an uncompleted invention called the G.E.R.M. I never finished this invention, because of a lack of financial resources. This came about following a simple accident, when I was a kid in 1984 I was playing around with some magnets. One of them slipped out of my hand. It started to spin on itself and move in a downward motion (can tell you more on this, but it's still my secret). I was amazed. Dreams of energy created by gravity went rushing through my head. A dream I still have today. Later in 1990, I was in Cegep (college) and had access to a physics lab. I tested my idea with tools that were available in the lab. I started jumping for joy when I looked at the multimeter reading. I was creating energy from gravity. Some will say that it took more energy to do the testing than achieved in the experimentation. I still don't think so, based on the numbers I got. I did not do this testing, in the best of environments, my results could have been better. My Idea could change a lot of things in our world, energy from gravity does not come with any pollution problems. My Idea has no geographical limitations (in the desert, the forest, underwater, in the mountains, in cities, any place as long as you have gravity). Space could be a problem, but then again there is gravity in space. I would be open to share my idea/invention with the right people for the right reasons.


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