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Monday, June 12, 2006

A social responsible company

A social responsible company

I was talking with my friend the other day about are capitalist society. It seemed to me we are doomed to work crazy hours in a more and more stressfull environment. This is not a healthy way to live nor to raise your children.

When I look around me in this world, it seem that the only way to make a dollar, is to exploit some humanbeing and give him nothing for his work. Then sell what ever product or service they did for you to someone else at the highest price possible. Once this is all done, repeat the process to make more money the next time.

The problem is to make money you must charge more to the client or pay less (cut expenses). Most of the time people cut cost at a great human expense.

In Canada, where I live you have many types of companies; Registered, Incorporated, Coops, and more.

Wouldn't it be a good thing for every one if we could create a moral entity (company) that REALLY has morals. Where the focus of the company is growth with out scarifying humanity in the process.


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