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Monday, June 12, 2006

A social responsible company

A social responsible company

I was talking with my friend the other day about are capitalist society. It seemed to me we are doomed to work crazy hours in a more and more stressfull environment. This is not a healthy way to live nor to raise your children.

When I look around me in this world, it seem that the only way to make a dollar, is to exploit some humanbeing and give him nothing for his work. Then sell what ever product or service they did for you to someone else at the highest price possible. Once this is all done, repeat the process to make more money the next time.

The problem is to make money you must charge more to the client or pay less (cut expenses). Most of the time people cut cost at a great human expense.

In Canada, where I live you have many types of companies; Registered, Incorporated, Coops, and more.

Wouldn't it be a good thing for every one if we could create a moral entity (company) that REALLY has morals. Where the focus of the company is growth with out scarifying humanity in the process.

Friday, June 02, 2006

solar power hybrid BBQ

I was having a BBQ the other day. It was nice an sunny. It got me thinking about a solar power hybrid BBQ. You take a normal grill BBQ and change the top for a cover with 1000 little lenses that focus the suns power on the food over the grill. No pollution. It could also be possible to redirect the light to cook from the bottom. This is just a far fetched idea.. i don't think I'll ever see this in my life time.

underwear invention

This is the one of my inventions, that I have always wanted to sell in Japan. The acoustic dampening pad. This idea came to me while watching a TV show about Japan. I'm not saying anything bad about Japan or the Japanese people, they value etiquette and cleanliness. I created a small pad that you can put between your bum cheeks, so that when you fart, the sound is dampened or absorbed. As a bonus, any offencive odours are reduced. I am working on a prototype that can release a fresh sent to cover any strong odours. This can be very useful for someone with intestinal problems. My invention can also be marketed in the Americas or in Europe.

Car performance and gas consumption

I was playing the other day on my car. I decided to make a better air intake system. So I went to my local hardware store Rona and bought some 4 inch plastic pipes and joints in the pluming department. I cut out a 4 inch hole in my air filter box, where the original 1 1/4 inch hole was before. I lead my new plastic piping in to the front grill next to the radiator, to obtain a maximum air flow. Since the modification, overall gas millage has improved, as has my car's performance.

The germ

This is an uncompleted invention called the G.E.R.M. I never finished this invention, because of a lack of financial resources. This came about following a simple accident, when I was a kid in 1984 I was playing around with some magnets. One of them slipped out of my hand. It started to spin on itself and move in a downward motion (can tell you more on this, but it's still my secret). I was amazed. Dreams of energy created by gravity went rushing through my head. A dream I still have today. Later in 1990, I was in Cegep (college) and had access to a physics lab. I tested my idea with tools that were available in the lab. I started jumping for joy when I looked at the multimeter reading. I was creating energy from gravity. Some will say that it took more energy to do the testing than achieved in the experimentation. I still don't think so, based on the numbers I got. I did not do this testing, in the best of environments, my results could have been better. My Idea could change a lot of things in our world, energy from gravity does not come with any pollution problems. My Idea has no geographical limitations (in the desert, the forest, underwater, in the mountains, in cities, any place as long as you have gravity). Space could be a problem, but then again there is gravity in space. I would be open to share my idea/invention with the right people for the right reasons.

cat litter box.

One of my inventions was a cat litter box. This was because I had four cats. I was tired of playing dig and scoop. So, I bought 3 plastic litter boxes. I took one of then and drilled holes in the bottom of it. I created a grid of holes. Then, I put the litter in one of the litter boxes with no holes. The other one, was meant to hold the litter box with the holes in it. When it was time to change the litter (the cats would walk around with masks on their heads), I dumped the litter from the full box into the empty ones. I would pull up the litter box with the holes and shake it from side to side until no litter was left.
The residue in the litter box with the holes would be put in the trash. Now the litter is clean and in a new box. I would play this back and fourth game between the litter boxes. This was my invention in 1992. It is now possible to buy litter boxes that work this way.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Magnetic force feedback virtual reality

Magnetic force feedback virtual reality or MFFVR. Well if I think of it, I name it ;). I know that it is possible to move a magnet in a magnetic field by changing the force of the field. This is the basis for my concept. If it was possible to cover a bodysuit with a million or so magnets that could operate at different frequencies. In other words each magnet would only work at a specified frequency. It would be possible to make a matrix and effect magnets individually. This could simulate forces all over the body. It could be used for therapy, to help people walk again, or for exercise.

supersonic flight

I was watching a television show about the last flight of the Concorde one night. Then I got an idea ... yes yes again). Richard Branson, of Virgin, is the only person that could bring back the dream of flying at supersonic speeds. Why do I think this ... He has the vision to be able to pull this off. I would love to meet him one day, and say thank you for his inspiration in my life. Virgin airlines is an innovative and creative company. They seem to me, the only ones open enough to look at supersonic flight again.

gym arcade

I just a good idea for a gym. I was talking the other day with a friend about going to the gym. "It was boring" he said. So it hit me why not mix fun with exercise. The ARCADE/GYM just popped up as a wonderful concept. Take the latest technology and apply it to a gym. Take the bike or the treadmill we all know and hook them up to an interactive video game or to a virtual experience system and "voila".
This concept could become even better by adding virtual sports and training. We could push it up a notch with virtual environments and force feedback devices. If you would like to talk about this more in detail please feel free to email me.

logic and emotion

I was thinking the other day about computers not having emotions and how illogical people think emotions are. Logic to me seems like a linear quantitative chain of though and/or, of execution. It is a rational process with its own set of rules. This is what strikes me about emotions.
They must have a set of rules and a process even if to many, it is non-rational.

Computers think in a simple form of logic in order to come to a conclusion with 0's and 1's, yes or no. Now, imagine for one instant, if you could have a web-like chain of though and/or of execution. Emotions give us the impression of scattered illogical process when they are just another way of analyzing and of reacting.

What if we had variations from 0 to 1 linked together in a web-like structure for process. Could computers have emotion? I thought about this in a dream I had about triangles. You have a starting point. Then you have one extreme 0 and the other 1 with all the variations in between. This was for me a triangle image.

So, I conclude with this, emotions are a non-linear quantifiable web of though and/or of execution.

Men and Women

I have always been interested in the difference between men and women. Men seem to function more by instinct (guts) when responding to a situation. Women seem to react in a different way, they use intuition to resolve a situation.

First post

Well hello to you all and myself.

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